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The world's longest official debut release on 1 disc "SSS 80 Hour Disc" Direct from publisher AUD$80 All proceeds will go towards funding SSS next tour in 2013

Mon 29 Jul 2013 World's Longest Music Releases 2

B.O.H claim on their site  that they have a title with a duration of over          87 trillion hours (87,708,958,333,333 hrs and 20 minutes  called "287-n") that requires a storage capacity of 1.3 ZB This is quite a large claim considering

"As of April 2012, no storage system has achieved one zettabyte of information. The combined space of all computer hard drives in the world was estimated at approximately 160 exabytes in 2006.[1] This has increased rapidly however, as Seagate Technology reported selling 330 exabytes worth of hard drives during the 2011 Fiscal Year.[2] As of 2009, the entire World Wide Web was estimated to contain close to 500 exabytes.[3] This is one half zettabyte."

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In terms of the composition of found objects / un-recordable field events, (composition as the selection, isolation and representation / signification of natural events) around the end of 2009
I recorded in the Nylstoch composition diaries a song that consists of the note "B−53" played repeatedly.   

"Although pitch notation is intended to describe audible sounds, it can also be used to specify the frequency of non-audible phenomena. For example, when the Chandra X-ray Observatory observed the waves of pressure fronts propagating away from a black hole, the one oscillation every 10 million years was described by NASA as corresponding to the B fifty-seven octaves below middle C (or B−53)."   ^ Black Hole Sound Waves “Sound waves 57 octaves lower than middle-C are rumbling away from a supermassive black hole in the Perseus cluster”

This seems to get suspiciously close to the claimed duration of "287-n"
87,708,958,333,333 hrs (divided by 24) = 3,654,539,930,555 days (divided by 365.25) = 10,005,585,025 years

Sun 28 Jul 2013 World's Longest Music Releases 1

"As far as other notable mentions go, there is a project called Longplayer which is currently trying to make a 1000 years long song. It started back in 2000 and is planed to finish at the very end of 2999. We should also mention a band called Bull of Heaven and their “The Chosen Priest And Apostle Of Infinite Space” track which lasts an astonishing 1,453:00:00, or 2 months and 13 hours. However, this can’t be fully qualified as music, as Bull of Heaven is a noise band and the song itself consists of many repeating loops. Therefore, Mr. Oldfield remains the rightful owner of the world’s longest song. (released 1978 'Incantations' 72:44 ) " ^ accessed 28JUL2013

the rubric unfortunately shows a 'mind projection fallacy / cognitive bias' or 'opinion stated as fact'  
"The mind projection fallacy is the assumption that our subjective judgments (or lack thereof) reflect intrinsic qualities of objects or reality in general."

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